For response 8, reflect on the learning process in project part 2 by using a literary figure as an icon for you learning. You’ll want to achieve the same intertextual effect as the Nike ad from Text Book page 156 (a feat of impossible strength) but without the same intent (to sell shoes). Rather, you’ll use your literary figure to stand in for your struggle with and completion of the project.

For example, I might say that working on and teaching the project is similar to the figure of bluesman Robert Johnson standing at the crossroads. crossroads-aboveThis figure has been used to convey the struggle with pursuing a passion over the constraints placed on the individual by society. Specifically, Johnson was thought to be waiting at the crossroads to sell his soul to the devil.  The image of the bluesman at the crossroads was used by the Coen Brothers in their film O Brother, Where Art Thou?,  giving me proof that assigning this project coming up with an example made sense. Because the film’s plot mirrors the historical event I used in coming up with the example–there is an election in the film between an entrenched corrupt governor and an populist but racist challenger–I’ve come to see that my reaction to the event can be evoked by the image of the bluesman at the crossroads.

In creating the example there was a certain amount of sadness in thinking about this election and indecision in pursuing it as material for the web site. Thinking about Robert Johnson at the crossroads helps me see that there is power in that sadness and that the indecision is part of finding a way to use the event to learn about my creative style.