Response 7 due Tuesday, March 3 Thursday, Feb 26 2009 

Ad parodies (such as the SNL commercial parodies we watched) help us get a sense of how to create a commentary without needing to explain our point of view explicitly. Similar to the resource of metaphor or parable, parody works argumentatively by presenting a fake product that in some way resembles a real one. Being able to detect the difference is key to understanding the argument and, therefore, the humor. Choose one of the parodies we watched in the screening, or one of the spoof ads found on and write a paragraph describing what argument is being made. You will need to interpret (by identifying the latent aspects of the ad through the manifest ones) what comparison is being made in the ad.

In the second paragraph, describe the form of the ad. How does it resemble the original that it is parodying? You want to look for particular that are found in ads, from celbrity endorsements, non-celebrity spokespersons, slogan or tag-lines, to logos. How does the parody use these elements to build expectation and then subvert it?


Assignment 4 due Saturday, Feb. 28 Tuesday, Feb 24 2009 

I’ve posted the prompt for assignment 4 here. Please use the comments for asking questions, not completing the assignment. Use the assignment as a way to continue to practice using dreamweaver and putting up websites.

Response 6, Due Saturday, Feb. 21 Thursday, Feb 19 2009 

Find an ad on youtube that uses a metaphor as its central motif (overactive bladders/water balloons). In the first paragraph, describe the metaphor and analyze how it is comparing the two categories and decipher what attributes it emphasizes to make the comparison.

In the second paragraph, identify a latent argument present in the ad. Discuss what elements of dream-work (condensation, displacement, imaging) are present in the ad’s metaphor that clue you in to its underlying meaning. Be sure to discuss what manifest elements alert you to its latent meaning. See Text Book p. 74-77 for details about dream-work.

For bonus (up to 5 points), create your own latent meaning by making a surrealist poem from news articles associated with your event. See Text Book p. 82-87 for details and an example. The most successful surrealist poems maintian proper syntax while producing jarring juxtapositions.

Assignment 3 Due Tuesday, February 17 Thursday, Feb 12 2009 

I’ve posted the Assignment 3 prompt here. Please ask questions about the assignment in comments.

Response 5 Due Thursday, Feb. 12 Thursday, Feb 12 2009 

We’ll spend some time in class working on this. As usual, what I’m looking for in these responses is an attempt, to see what we can learn by doing them rather than worrying about the final product.

For response 5, reflect on your learning in doing the first part of the project. Try to come up with a metaphor for that learning experience by comparing it to another learning experience you’ve had. Find an essential attribute that the two learning experiences have in common. Remember that the attribute can be relational, that is it doesn’t have to rely on resemblance, such as the foot of a person doesn’t resemble the foot of a mountain, but in relation to the other parts of the body/mountain they are in the same place. For example, you could say that working on the project was like learning how to walk, you had to stumble and fall before you could walk across the room. (similes are acceptable since they function metaphorically).

Project Part 1 Due Tuesday, Feb. 10 Tuesday, Feb 3 2009 

This is just a reminder that the project for the first third of the class is due Tuesday, Feb. 10.  Here is a project summary. Please post questions regarding the project in comments.

We will have our presentations in class on Tuesday.

Response 4 Due Thursday 2/5 Tuesday, Feb 3 2009 

Write at least two paragraphs summarizing the plot of your Project part 1. The more detailed you are about your project, the more feedback I’ll be able to provide to help you complete it. Also, include at least one instruction from the reading or from JFK that will help you compose the project.